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About us

FinTechLab is a financial technology laboratory in which we provide an environment where you can easily develop and test your FinTech ideas.

Here we have a complete banking system with all the features of a real bank using fake but valid data so users will be able to experience a real environment to implement and test their ideas.

Please contact us if you need more information on how to use it


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  • Cheque services

  • Cheque report
  • Issue electronic Cheque
  • List of electronic Cheque
  • Cheque request
  • List of issued Cheque
  • Card based services

  • Get card list
  • Get card transactions list
  • Card block
  • Card to card transfer request
  • Confirm card to card transfer request
  • Offline card request
  • Offline gift card request
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  • Payment services

  • Get card balance
  • Get billing Company
  • Bill payment
  • Get receipt number
  • Online shopping request
  • Online shopping
  • Online shopping confirm
  • Irancell charge
  • Charity donation
  • Request cell phone bill using cell number
  • Deposit based services

  • Get Deposits List
  • Get Deposit Invoices
  • Get Deposit Info
  • Get Deposit Balance
  • Set Invoice Note
  • Get internal transfer money list
  • Batch internal money transfer request
  • Continual transfer list
  • Continual transfer request
  • Cancel continual transfer request
  • Paya transfer money request
  • Paya transfer money list
  • Satna transfer money request
  • Satna transfer money list
  • Satna transfer money list
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